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Ross Brunet - 1968 Grad

Ross is my uncle, I never had a chance to know him so if anyone has any remembrances of him can you please add them here.  Thank you very much.

Stephanie - Niece

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I went to grade school with Ross (Drummond Elementary) and was in several of his classes over the years. I did not know Ross that well but he only lived down the street from me in Rosemount. In Elementary school I did not get to know the boys in class very intimately. It is always sad to hear of a fellow classmate that died so young. My condolences to all of Ross's family and friends.

Bev - Schoolmate

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Knew Ross as a classmate and a teammate since grade one at Drummond School . Intense,dedicated,loyal.Often the target of practical jokes by his great friend DD and fellow teammates. One day we will share a large bag of Humpty Dumpty Barbecue Chips and a Canada Dry Ginger Ale again.
Andrew Pywowarczuk

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