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John Dalgaard - Teacher

I wanted to tell you that my father, John Dalgaard, passed away August 9, 2002,  He taught math at Rosemount for a whole bunch of years, ending in 1983.

Here's a recent picture of him, from about a month
before his death. I think it captures some of his gentleness and humour.

Elvi Dalgaard
class of '84


Mr.Dalgard was a quiet, unassuming man with an uncanny knack of explaining the complexities of math to his students. His quiet wit and wonderful sense of humour are a great remembrance of a man I truly appreciated , and looked up to. It is with extreme sadness that I learn of his passing and wish his family and extend to them my deepest condolences. Mr Dalgard is a teacher that left a great imprint on me, he will never be forgotten.

Barbara Kaminski - Student

It saddened me to learn of the loss of Mr. Dalgaard, a truly unique individual with incredible insight and compassion. When a few students decided to start a new school newspaper Mr. Dalgaard was the only staff member to support the project and act as a staff advisor. His unselfishness and support will never be forgotten.

Ralph Ohlhoff - Student



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