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Bobby Gaudard- 1966 Grad

I was extremely saddened by Bob's passing. He was married to my cousin Gail Zacard.  Here's to the laughs and good times Bob!  The Zacard Family misses you very much.

Georgette Zacard 1966 - Great Friend

I believe Bobby graduated in 1966. When I read about his death on this web site last night, I had a very vivid memory of Bobby and I walking hand in hand down the street beside the high school. We were both in grade 8.

It was amazing what a sense of sadness came over me at that moment. As they say; memories...... the older you become, the stronger they get.

Pam Chapman - Friend

I was very sad to hear that Bobby was no longer with us.  I have fond memories of Bobby.   Bobby will always be remembered by me as a really neat guy!  God Bless!  

Beverley (Chapman) McLaughlin 1968 - Friend

I would first off like to thank those that put together this rememberance of my father. It is a wonderful feeling to see that my father is still remembered.  Again I thank you. This web page is very important to me.  My father has played a large part in my life. Both hard and soft, my father was the most interesting person I have met.   I miss his wisdom, humour and pride.  Through this web site I have learned a little more about my father and would love if you would share more.

Shawn Gaudard - Son                                                               

Bobby and I were classmates at Nesbitt School and later after we had both married, ended up as next door neighbours for 2 years in St. Leonard.  I was more than a little surprised when Georgette Zacard told me he had passed away.   I liked him and his wife Gail Zacard.  God Bless You Bobby.

Adrienne Arsenault - Friend


Like Adrienne I was very surprised when I heard that Bobby was no longer with us, I think Bob myself and Terry Maiden drove the teachers a little crazy sometimes, R.I.P. pal.

Gary Grant - Friend and classmate


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