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Andrew Grecoff - 1980 Grad

My brother Andrew Grecoff passed away in an accident August of 1995. He left behind his wife and 2 boys, my other brother Alex, and my parents. Andrew graduated in 1980.

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I truly enjoyed Andrew as a student in my English class at Rosemount High. Andrew seemed such a positive teenager, with friends whose company he really appreciated. Mr. Grecoff would come to Parent-Teacher interviews, always wanting Andrew to improve, as every parent does, and always so proud of his son. I have especially fond memories of seeing Andrew as a husband and dad, in chance meetings we would have around town. In 1995, I was so sorry to read of his passing, as I had just seen him in March of that year, 15 years after Graduation. I hope the passing of time has allowed some healing, but can it ever really? I think of Andrew often; he touched my heart so many years ago.

Susan Read - English teacher - 1975-1981

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