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Miss Helen Hall - Music Teacher

I was very happy to see that the Rosemount High School Auditorium was named in Honor of Miss Hall - "Auditorium Helen Hall".   She was more than worthy of this Honor.

Bev (Chapman) McLaughlin (1968)

So sorry to hear about Miss Hall's passing. I'll never forget practicing and performing the Hallelujah Chorus.  Also, Miss Hall led the choir in recording an albumn (around 1967).  It's pretty bad, but those of us who did it can say we are recording "artists".  Helen Hall was my music mentor and started me off on a lifelong passion for choral singing.

Ingo Nessel (1968)

Miss Hall was my favourite teacher. She inspired me to be  the best I could be. My memories of her are all fond.

Ruth (Ross) Williams - Student 1963-1967


MISS HALL.                        WALTER HRUBY                      STUDENT  1956-60.                         Music Mentor. She let us sing songs we wanted to sing. I along with PETER BROWN,WILLIE DUNN, PETER MARKS  did songs like  I've had it, bo diddley, charley brown, & i believe. The auditorium was our home away from home. FOREVER REMEMBERED.                    


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