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Heather Henderson - 1967 Grad


Heather was born in Montreal on March 7th 1949. She battled Diabetes from a young age. She lived in Montreal until June of 2000 and then moved to Ottawa to be closer to family. Heather's passing in August of that same year was unexpected and a great shock to her family. We miss her dearly.

Debbie Henderson Ottawa, Ontario

I remember Heather from our high school days, we use to 'hang out' together. She was a great person and a good friend. Too bad with time that we lose touch with each other. "Rest in Peace" Heather.

A Friend,

Gail Artsob Girard


Remembering Heather as a heart full of love .It is not fair that her life was so short. I'm sorry our Relationship ended with broken hearts. My thoughts and prayers are for her and the family and especially Debbie.

I am very sorry while surfing the net ,I have just found out about this today....Prayers will be said   Earl  Rehel


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