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Catherine Doreen Heron

50's Grad

Catherine's married name was Mailloux.  She passed away on July 30, 1990

I am very pleased to see such a forum to remember those who graced the halls of Rosemount High. For those who knew my mother, but through the passage of time lose touch and often wonder how friends turn out in life, let me say briefly, she was a terrific mother to 3 children, a loving, dedicated wife to Terrance Mailloux. She left us suddenly on July 30, 1990. She will never have the chance to meet her 4 grandchildren, Alex, Jackson, Keira, and Christopher, and they will never have the chance to know someone who would have loved them dearly. I miss her often and just wished to convey to those who may remember her from yesteryear, she was my mom, and she was the best!

Her son, Mark

We met in the rotunda at the main entrance to RHS. It was her first year at the school, my second. It was truly love at first sight. We had a lot of fun together and raised three great kids. When I see our grandchildren I think of what she and they have missed. She would have loved and spoiled them to death.  I too think of her often and miss her.

Terry - Her Husband 

For those of you who may have known my mother, you may remember her great smile and infectious laughter. She was a woman who gave of herself to everyone who needed her and was welcoming in all meanings of the word. She was a beautiful woman who dedicated her adult life to her husband and 3 children. It was in the presence of a child that you truly saw her spirit. It is with deep sadness that my mother never knew her grandchildren (Now up to 8: Maya, Megan, Keira, Lindsay, Christopher, Kennedy, Alex and Jackson). There is no doubt in my mind that her life would have been greatly enriched by their presence. Although she is not here to be a part of their daily lives, I know that her spirit lives on in each of them. We have all been blessed by the manner in which she touched our lives. I am personally very proud to have had her as my mother from whom I learned what it meant to overcome lifes challenges and find gratitude in the life I have been given. I am forever committed to her last request of raise her grandchildren in a healthy and loving environment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart mom for giving me life and purpose.

Your daughter, Donna Mailloux



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