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Ronald Laham- 1954 Grad

Ronnie and I decided to form a small singing group -- we would practice in the music rooms behind the auditorium -- our first number was to be 'Blue Moon'. But we never did get to go on stage during one of the school concerts. I visited Ronnie in his sick bed where he was surrounded by his very devoted and devastated family. Ronnie was such a solid guy.

Vic Dowler - Pal

It has been many years since Ronnie passed on, he was 18 years old.  I have missed him very much as we were not only brothers but also best friends.

Arthur Laham - Brother Artie                                                            

I remember Ronnie as though it was yesterday up at our families country cottages at Bois Des Fillion, with the many war games we played and the love and caring for our safety, during our play. Ron I didnt Know of your love for singing ...I wonder if you had anything to do with my favourite hobby of enjoying A-Cappela style singing.

Allan Ayoub - Childhood Friend

We are now in October 2010. And his memory has not been forgotten.Rest in peace.

Gilbert Soumah

-Teenage Friend



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