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Douglas Marsland - Teacher

Mr.Marsland was a dedicated teacher. His area was gymnastics and his physique showed that.  His smile and laughter exhibited his wonderful sense of humour.  He was always ready to listen to you and exchange a point of view.

Terry Mailloux - Student


Mr. Marsland challenged me to overcome some misgivings and fears I had of many forms of exercise. I think it is partly because of him that I keep rechallenging myself every ten years or so to "get back in shape". I was the "98 pound weakling" they spoke about in Charles Atlas ads, and I am grateful he instilled this desire in the inner recesses of my "grey matter".

Ron Grant - Student


Doug Marsland, what a "hero" . A wireless operator in Burma during WW2. In Rosemount how many young men looked up to him? He motivated people,listened, and helped any way he could. I graduated in 1967 and he came to my wedding in 1972. Regrettably we lost touch over the years. Looking back, he's the guy you'd love to have as a teacher.

Greg Gardiner - Student


A teacher who made a difference,,,changed my life. He believed in me.Helped me discover my potential and my essence. Never a bad word towards students.
He was my mentor for many years, helped me become national wrestling champion.
Even more, by believing in me he allowed me to reach for stars and obtain a doctorate in psychology at a time when it was believed that having "muscles" meant you could not have brains!. I became an effective father and husband of 40 years because of him!
That is what teachers can do! The power of an effective, positive teacher.
Thank you Mr. Marsland for your guidance, support and "teachings"!
I am the man today because of you!

Pavel  de Liamchin - He was my Wrestling Coach, Mentor, Friend


It's so nice to hear so many wonderful things about my grandfather. Everyone I've ever met that knew him always had great things to say about him and what a great person he was. Unfortunately being so young I never really got a chance to know him as a person, and it's because of the stories and people I meet that I learn more about him every day and I am proud to be named after such a great man.

Douglas Marsland


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