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R. J. Mullins - Teacher


Mr. Mullins was a truly wonderful Technical Drawing Teacher! Quiet but funny,he had the patience and kindness for all his students. He will be greatly missed!

Barbara Kaminski - Student


I recall the first time I took technical drawing with Mr. Mullins - I enjoyed it but I was not overly facinated with the course. A couple of years later I again took it as an elective. It was then that I truly became interested how to convey ideas and information onto paper as technical drawings. It became my vocation for 27 years. It was Mr.Mullins who instilled this passion in me. He always had a way of explaining a problem in a logical and understandable way. I never remember him raising his voice in anger during a class but he had his methods for keeping discipline in the classroom. I really respected his his quiet yet firm manner.

Douglas Costello - student, class of "72

I entered Rosemount as a new teacher under the direction of Bob Mullins in 1976. He was a mentor to me, and eventually I took over his classes upon his retirement. I remember the many times we sat and discussed various ways and methods for teaching. He was a great inspiration to me, and I am very sorry for his passing. He was also a very good ping-pong player. Always spent his lunch hours down stairs in the ping-pong area with the students. It was his second love. Teaching was his first. He was truly a great man!


Raymond G. Damron

Former Rosemount High School Teacher 1976-1981

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