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Victor Nikiforovs - 1968 Grad

A sad note,Victor Nikiforovs,Class of 1968 passed away
Friday. Obituary in The Gazette.
Andrew Pywowarczuk

Nikiforovs, Victor - NIKIFOROVS, Victor. It is with great sadness we announce that Victor unexpectedly went home to his Lord and Saviour on Friday, May 6, 2005 at ...
Published in the Montreal Gazette on 5/8/2005

Dear Dad,

I can't believe that 3 years is approaching and approaching rapidly since you went to be with Our dear Lord.Mom & the boys miss you,but we would not want you back.I miss you too.You would be proud of Jonathan the way that he has taken on the responsibility of head of the home.I wanted to post this up because I know how much you loved this song.I also know how you wanted this sung at your funeral,but it was only mentioned.

                                          "Lord,Be Glorified"

                                              In my life,Lord,
                                        Be glorified,be glorified

                                             In my life,Lord,
                                          be glorified today
                                            By my words,Lord....

                                           You are the reason
                                         that I'm singing all day long
                                        Everyday is the season
                                           to glorify You with a song
                                          {And so I'm singing}

                                            In this song,Lord
                                               be glorified....

                                        I can think of no other way
                                          I'd rather spend a day
                            Than rejoicing with my brothers & sisters
                                         all rejoicing  in Your ways
                                          {And so we're singing}
                                            In Your church,Lord,
                                              Be glorified............ 

                            This is for you Dad!!!!!! I know that you wanted
                         to glorify the Lord each and every day of your life.

                                     Love from all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                            Your wife Christine--Your Young Adults{Kids}--Jonathan
                                                                            Ruth,& Timothy

Victor was a dear friend. I remember him as a big, boisterous guy with a tender heart and gentle spirit. He is with his Lord and Saviour but whenever I think of him, I miss him. 

Ruth (Ross) Williams - RHS and church friend


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