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Theo Traiforos - 1989 Grad


I played midget and junior baseball with Theo and still have vivid memories of his friendly and outgoing personality. Approaching 20 years since your tragic departure old friend and I still see things everyday that remind me of you. You are truly missed.

This is a team photo (below) of the LaSalle Cardinals Major Junior (baseball) team, which was taken in the summer a few months before Theo passed. We won the league championship without him as he had already (fatefully) reported to his college team in Missouri. I received the phone call with the news a few days after this.

Brad Hyslop - Friend and Teammate -To View Larger Team Photo

Theo was a very good friend of mine. I met him in college and we bonded immediately. You're right about his outgoing personality..I bonded close with his family after his death and became Godfather to his second niece..he was a special guy and had something unique about him. We visited his accident where the 3 players died and put up a cross right before the creek ditch..

I can't believe it has been 20 years..

Thank you for posting this and I will forward it to his sister Chris..


God bless.


I was thinking of Theo "Greek" Traiforos - and his family (whom I've never met) today and decided to do a name search and saw this site. Thank you Bev for putting this site together.


I first met Theo in the summer of 89 or 90 in St. Louis where we played summer baseball. We each went our separate ways for college but shortly thereafter Theo ended up transferring to the same college as me and our friendship renewed.


Theo was such a dynamic individual and I guess that's why to do this day he's still a part of my life - and your's if you're reading this - and whenever I look back on our time together it's always with a smile and fond memories.


Not sure if the family see's this, but want to make sure they know that he touched my life and is still an influence to me even after this many years since his passing.


Again, thanks for putting this site together.


Matt Cady


Friend and Teammate


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