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Mr. Trenholm - Principal

Mr. Trenholm was my principal (I graduated in the wonderful year of Expo 67) and I remember him as a father figure - strict, but caring.  Truly professional.  I was fortunate to have been able to attend the funeral, and meet his wife and children. But the true irony is that I have the extreme pleasure of working with Ted Trenholm, his son ... and the resemblance, both physical and character, is cool.  Mr. Trenholm's legacy lives on...

Rick Groot - Student

Mr. Trenholm was my Principal when I attended Rosemount High School.  In all my encounters with Mr. Trenholm, I found him fair and caring.  I was sad to hear that Mr. Trenholm passed away before we had opportunity to honor him at our "50th Reunion".  You enriched my life Mr. Trenholm and I take this opportunity to honor you now.

Bev (Chapman) McLaughlin 1968

Mr. Trenholm was the principal of RHS during my years there. Later when I became a teacher for the PSBGM, he was the one who conducted my interview. He was a great gentleman and I have the highest respect for him.

Ruth (Ross) Williams - Student 1963-1967

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