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Bruce Wallace - 1967 Grad

Bruce was a good friend to many of us.   I visit his grave site twice a year and still curse him for leaving us so young.   I miss you buddy.

Greg Gardiner                                                                                 

I ,like Greg ,wish Bruce was still around so that we could give him heck . Still fondly remembered. Named my son after him and still think of the fun times we had together .

Graham Adams - Friend

The Bruce I remember was as competitive as all get out. He was a teammate who challenged me to better than I believed I could be. I remember you every so often, good friend. I remember you introducing to a number of your female friends as you seemed to be willing to do for a few of us. I miss the Friday gatherings at LaTasse's, and how Stu had a way of making us all laugh. We are less that you have gone on; God's kingdom is likely a wee bit more intense. May you find the Peace you sought at the Throne of Grace.

Rev Keith Humphrey - A Friend

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