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Rae Warlund- 1954 Grad

She loved RHS, made many friends and enjoyed playing on a couple of sports teams. She was the most wonderful, caring, loving person I could have ever dreamed of having be my mom. She lived for her family and friends and she is sadly missed, every day.
Dave Nichols, Son
1982 Grad

I remember Rae as being part of a tight group of friends. She was a real fixture of Montreal in my mind. She died too young.

Katie Warlund - neice

In Memory of Rae Warlund...class of 1954

I remember Rae very very well, as a young teenager then as a co-worker at The Bell Telephone Co. in Engineering.  We played many a games of Military Whist at Kydd Memorial Church. She was one of a kind....a super lady indeed.


Regards........ Georgina

Laus Deo
Carpe Diem


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