mckenna, Jim

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Have stayed in the television industry since my early days hosting LIKE YOUNG at CFCF-TV.  In 1976 I started my own production company which has taken me around the world doing all kind of TV Specials, shows and series. I've lived all over the place - Nashville, Vancouver, Los Angeles and currently, I live in Toronto.  I've also worked in Australia, Italy and England but have become somewhat weary of being on location.

I have a thirty-one year old son who works in the movie business as an Ass't. Director and who's getting married November 2003.  I couldn't be prouder!

Graduated 1959 from Mr. Bradford's class with lots of hair.  There's still some left under that baseball cap.  I think I lost a lot of it sweating those Jr. Matriculation exams in the gym hoping to pass all ten papers and needing an average of 75% to get into university.  A few weeks later we would stay up all night and run down to get the Montreal Star in the early AM to grab the first papers hot off the press to read our final marks.  Talk about pressure!!

Hello to everyone!!