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I am blessed with a happy marriage, three healthy kids, and a fulfilling career as a teacher. My faith in Jesus Christ gives me stability in life and hope for the future. I'm looking forward to the reunion.

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Thomas Harold Williams
December 2, 1954 - January 28, 2003

The Early Years
He was born in Buckingham, Quebec (near Hull). He was the third of seven children. At an early age his grandfather nicknamed him "Tucker" from the nursery rhyme, "Little Tommy Tucker". That got shortened to "Tuck" and it stuck! His father was an alcoholic who abandoned the family. His mother died when he was 11. The children were dispersed to live with other family members. Tuck went to Brownsburg, Quebec to live with his Grandfather. He died soon after Tuck arrived. He ended up in a strange living arrangement where he slept at the home of his bachelor Uncle, but ate his meals with his two great Aunts. His teenage years were spent going between the care of those 3 single adults.

His Faith Walk
When he was about 7 or 8, his mother dropped him off at Sunday School. Being a mischievous character, he snuck out of Sunday School and decided to see what the adults were doing upstairs in church. Not knowing any better, he went right up to the front and sat in the center of the first row. The Minister said something about inviting Jesus into your heart. In child-like innocence and faith he did just that.
Due to the turmoil in his home life, he became quite a trouble maker. In his teen years he got into drinking and drugs. When he was 17 he stumbled in to a Drop-In Centre Christian outreach. He came back day after day to talk about his situation, vent his feelings, and ask questions. Bit by bit the Lord healed his many hurts, forgave his sins, and Tuck rededicated his life to the Lord. He never looked back!

The Two Become One
That Drop-In Centre in Brownsburg was where Tuck and Ruth met in the summer of 1972. For the first 6 months they were just friends, but a romantic relationship grew out of that trust. They were married in Montreal on July 12, 1975. They moved to Ontario in 1977. They were blessed with three wonderful children ... Mason in 1981, Luke in 1985, and Hannah in 1987.

Plugs and Wires
Tuck's uncle wisely advised him to get a trade. This was probably due to the fact that he was tired of Tuck taking everything apart to see how it worked! He started his study of electricity in high school, then went on to complete his apprenticeship. Following that, he got his Master Electrician licence. He was hired by Wolverine Tube in 1979. He worked as a maintenance electrician for 14 years, then moved in to the engineering department where he helped to oversee electrical projects. He absolutely loved his job and often said how blessed he was to be paid for doing something he enjoyed so much.

The Health Journey
In 1988 Tuck was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. He received intense radiation treatment which cured that problem, but created a whole lot more. In 1995 it was discovered he had low grade lymphoma. In 1997 he needed a quadruple bypass. His daily life was challenging as he carried on with a host of medications, ongoing tests, and physical limitations.
Believe it or not, he was actually thankful for all he went through. It changed his perspective on life. He was grateful for each new day, viewing it as a gift from the Lord. He appreciated the blessings he had been given and chose to focus on them, rather than on his limitations.

The Character of the Man
A French proverb states: "Nothing so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength".
To me, that has always summarized Tuck's character. He was quiet and gentle but had incredible inner strength. He was a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, dependable and faithful. He had a unique sense of humour. He loved nature, music, photography and technology. He was not perfect, but overall an easy guy to love.

The Photo
Attached is a picture taken by a friend this past Thanksgiving. It was taken in our prayer cellar as we were standing in front of a tapestry of "The Good Shepherd". Right from the beginning it's been the three of us! The Lord brought us together, held us together, and has been an integral part of our relationship. We made it our practice to pray together everyday. As I am writing this my heart is grieving at my loss, but at the same time rejoicing to know Tuck is with Jesus.

Celebration of his Life
On Saturday, February 1at 1:30, there will be a memorial service to celebrate Tuck's life. You are all invited to join us. It will be at North Park Community Church, 1510 Fanshawe Park Road E. (401 to Highbury St. north - approx. 12KM to Fanshawe Park, turn right)
If you wish to make a donation in his honour, you may choose any charity close to your heart. Two charities that Tuck appreciated are:

Faith Community Christian School
7 Howard Ave., London ON N6P 1B3

Operation Outreach
1274 Greenwood Cres.,
Oakville ON L6J 6W2

Written by his loving wife,