czajko, STEPHEN

(aka: Grumpy)

The picture lies as there are more white than dark hairs now; and as you can see, I ain't skinny no more.

EEmail Me-Mail Me

Do you believe it, over 25 years in the same company !  Working in aerospace industry; started in mail room, now work as a Quality Systems auditor.  I started this web site after reading some of the comments on the RHS proper web site about not seeing pictures.  Didn't think I would get so involved with it or meet some great people like Bev, Tommy and Gary (well meeting Gary wasn't so great). Turns out to be a small world as Gary was a neighbor to a fellow I used to work with. This site continues to grow be it slowly but grow it does.  If you have any comments negative or positive, send them to me or post them on a message board; but better still, why not have your then and now and baby pictures published.  Drop me a line and I'll tell you how to do it.