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Well fellow former inmates of the RHS institution I hope that life has been good and bountiful for all of you lately I have been thinking that the older I am getting the more youthful i have been feeling I am into the music of today and still get out to club once in a while so who knows i may see some of you out there at my favourite watering spot on Crescent street. Oh yes since I left RHS graduated from university and went b ack as a 34 year old to get my masters currently I am emplyed as a free lance consultant in The Information Technology industry I just got back from the US Virgin Islands after a few months over there so I am divorced , re married have three kids all very nice girls age 10,8, 3 so I cant wait to relive those fun filled years at RHS fo one more time. e-mail me if ya want snappy69guy@yahho.ca

Alexander Hankewicz